MURAD PMA is active in the following Intellectual Property Associations:

INTA (International Trademark Association)

Flavia Murad lawyer affiliated to this association, and partner Flavia Murad is still a current member of the Law Firm Committee. These professionals represent the MURAD PMA team at various events and conferences held throughout the year, around the globe.

Flavia Murad- Schaal is a current member of the Bulletin committee, having participated in the past in the Amicus Brief committee and the Law Firms committee;

Flavia Murad-Schaal teaches international trademark law for young practitioners since 2015 Annual Meetings in San Diego, repeating the experience in Orlando (2016) and in Barcelona (2017);

Flavia Murad-Schaal has been a table topic moderator for the subject related to exhaustion of rights in Hong Kong in 2014 and in San Diego 2015 Annual Meetings;

AIPPI (Associação Internacional para a Proteção da Propriedade Intelectual)

Murad PMA has been represented in several Annual Meetings


APRAM (Association des Praticiens du Droit des Marques et des Modèles)

Flavia Murad is a member of APRAM, the francophone association of trademark and industrial design law practitioners, which has a relevant role at global level, representing both its affiliated professionals and contributing to the advancement of the intellectual property area, organizing numerous events and stimulating in-depth discussions on the subject.


Flavia Murad-Schaal is an active member since 1997 and is currently part of the mediation committee;

Murad PMA has been represented by several of its members in various committees and Annual Meetings


ABAPI (Associação Brasileira da Propriedade Industrial)

Flavia Murad-Schaal has been teaching Intellectual Property Law since 2000 (17 years) in the basic and intermediate courses offered every year for trademark and patent practitioners in Brazil.