Intellectual Property in Brazil and Abroad

Since 2006, with solid previous experience, our Firm has been acting with a very focused and specialized team in Intellectual Property. Murad PMA performs active management of important national and international portfolios in Brazil and abroad. We generate value to the client, maximizing protection in intangible assets and including them in the best commercial and negotiating context.

We actively participate in the major IP associations such as INTA (International Trademark Association), AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle) among others. For more information, check “Associations” section.

Our team is fluent in English, Spanish and French, with great experience in Universities abroad, being capable of speaking and raising important topics in foreign languages.

Trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, technology, software, know-how, copyright, business methods, mask works and semicondutor chip protection are often bought, sold, leased or shared. Considered as an IP Boutique, we evaluate IP as the most important asset of a company, thus generating gains with specific IP strategies in successful licensing programs, corporate structures involving intangible assets, and obtaining best results in the business scenario.

We are updated and vigilant of various challenges connected to new legislations, regulations, and interconnections between corporate areas and practices. Our team is extremely specialized in advising companies and individuals in IP prosecution and litigation, due to our team’s academic deep involvement and leading role in teaching and spreading IP knowledge in top ranked universities.

Focused in subject matters related to new technologies, innovations and digital disruption as well as in the commitment with client’s interests and budget, Murad PMA is one of the top Boutique Firms since 2009, annually listed as one of the most admired IP Firm in Brazil and abroad. For more information, see “Awards” section.


Our team is able to conduct prior searches for trademark registrability in Brazil, also advising on clearance and prosecution with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, as well as performing watching services and enforcement. We are experts in developing strategic trademark portfolio management, as well as drafting and negotiating trademark related agreements. We were featured as a highly recommened Firm in the presgious ranking Leaders League


Our team is prepared to provide clients with consultancy services related to Industrial Design Registrations, including prior searches in Brazil and abroad, and in all of the steps concerning the preparation, filing, prosecuting and monitoring applications with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office.


We have a skilled team prepared to advise clients in connection with registration and protection of copyright, including registrations of artwork and software, as well as assisting in any negotiations related to copyrights and related rights. We also provide clearance services, portfolio management and enforcement of those rights, including litigation.


Our technical team advises in prior searches in Brazil and abroad, and also in writing, preparing, filing, monitoring and following up of patents applications before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office. We are also prepared to not only draft clearance decision proposal, freedom to operate, validity of third-party patents, counterfeiting and patentability opinions but also to negotiate those assets, manage portfolio and any patent related litigation issue.


We guide our clients on registration and portfolio management, as well as in disputes and enforcement measures, including take-down measures before the responsible entities, and arbitration and litigation in Brazil and abroad.


Our team is prepared to provide clients with consultancy services related to anti-counterfeiting measures, counseling clients on the best enforcement routes and strategies, including investigation work, representation before custom offices all over Brazil and litigation before courts to cease infringements.


We are prepared to develop strategic trade secret protection programs for our clients and to draft customized contracts and confidentiality clauses, guaranteeing our clients the protection of their trade secrets.


We advise clients on negotiating and drafting all agreements related to technology transfer, such as trademark licensing, patent exploitation and know-how transfer, as well as technical assistance and franchise agreements. We are also able to register such agreements with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office.


We are prepared to assist our clients in cases of suppressing fraudulent acts deemed as unfair competition, providing them with specialized consultancy services and legal advice in all the related aspects, from cease and desist letters to litigation in courts. Cases related to parallel imports, unauthorized “dealers” and misleading advertising are amongst our strengths. Trade dress disputes are also in our list of expertise.