In times of deep behavioral changes, distinctive corporate values, low costs and fast technologic development, disruptive economy is a reality and deeply affects all types of industries. In a close future all types of business will rely on the digital economy: the digital disruption is one of the global forces.

Nowadays we strive for a model of platform business, capable of competing with large companies that own traditional technology, introducing an amazing advance in technology in such short notice at the same time it brings new challenges, such as data protection, big data, block chain, internet civil landmark, domain names, network neutrality, internet providers, fundamental rights and new types of infringement and digital crimes.

The MURAD PMA team is prepared to provide the best advice in the area of digital law, with emphasis on intellectual property, especially when dealing with its implications, such as copyright and the value of personal data, personality rights and modality sui generis of personal data, the challenge in the conciliation of know-how and the right of access to personal data, as well as the construction of privacy by design in patents and softwares in general. Our team also advises the strategy of patents and software, both in records or adaptations of contracts in Brazil and abroad.

Our objective is to build a risk mitigation environment, solidified through the phases of preparation for adaptation to Law 13.709 / 2018 (General Law on Data Protection – LGPD), organization of structures, implementation of strategies and plans, as well as governance and evaluation of the built model.

With regards to data protection and the LGPD, we offer:

Elaboration of terms of use,

Elaboration of privacy policies and personal data;

Diagnosis related to the identification of ways of collecting data, company objectives, pertinence, transparency, respect for rights, risk advice, referrals of partners for information security (IT);

Creation and reviewing of contracts in general and related to the privacy and data transfer according to the LGPD;

Creation and reviewing of corporate policies, such as information security policy;

Training to raise awareness in the departments and employees, aiming at creating a new culture in the company;

Consultancy for the preparation of the response plan to incidents;

Consultancy for carrying out the Risk Assessment regarding personal data;

Our goal is to be constantly evolving with this new subject, in line with the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD).