The Global Legal Post: Luxury Law Summit
Dec 16, 2021

The Global Legal Post: Luxury Law Summit

Our Fashion Law team Isadora Schumacher Jeong and Flavia Mansur Murad Schaal performed a fine work about the current and compelling subjects about the fashion industry and its best practices.

The main subject of the article is the luxury market and its peculiarities in a collective international guide, shared with distinguished colleagues of fashion law that showed their opinions in the current matters.

It was an honor and a privilege to be supported by The Luxury Law Alliance and Summit and to write about the Brazilian reality, compared to Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

This remarkable guide was written by:

Juliet EvansNicola Scheepers and Jenny Wyndham-Wheeler (Australia);
Peng WEI and WEI Xin (China);
Hilma-Karoliina Markkanen (Finland);
Floriane Codevelle and Karina Dimidjian-Lecomte (France);
Ariane Hettenkofer and Gina Maria Ziaja (Germany);
Maria G. Sinanidou and Alexandra Varla (Greece);
Hank Leung and Harry Wong (Hong Kong);
Rajeshwari Hariharan (India);
Patricia McGovern (Ireland);
Moran Katz and Avi Ordo (Israel);
Julia HoldenNicolò MosielloMartina Olivieri and Giuseppe Massimo Verrecchia (Italy);
Penelope Ann Ng and Lorraine Tay (Singapore);
David Fuentes Lahoz and José Miguel Lissén Arbeloa (Spain);
Piyawat Kayasit Tilleke & Gibbins and Michelle Ray-Jones (Thailand),
Gary Assim – The Image Lawyer (UK);
Megan Bannigan (US);
Dang Lan Chi, Tu Ngoc Trinh, Diep Nguyen Thi Bich Le and Hien Thi Thu Vu (Vietnam), with the support of the Global Legal Group Post.

We thank Julia Holden for trusting in our knowledge, and the coauthors that brought in-depth data for the discussion of a provocative subject.

You can check the guide at the website of The Global Legal Post.

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