Areas of expertise

Fashion Law

Fashion is one of our talents and solidifying the industry is one of our visions, including the beauty, jewelry, textile, footwear, media, arts and lifestyle segments.

We operate in:
  • Contracts, including services, licensing and franchising. We operate in all hires with fashion players.
  • Strategies for protecting fashion creations (trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, patents, trade dress, repression of unfair competition acts)
  • Litigation, including expertise and technical assistance involving market players.


Fashion with content

Since 2017, we have produced the electronic revue MORE Brands and Fashion – we are the publishers and creators, a site that delivers real, grounded and up-to-date content about the fashion market.

Legal, technical or management articles, interviews with top minds working in this very interesting sector that moves one of the largest economies in the world.

We seek to impact lawyers, students, business owners, fashion designers, models and others in the segment with updated materials that demonstrate the practice and value of legal education.

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