Areas of expertise

Intangible Assets Management

Intellectual property and intangible assets in general, whether registered or not,  subject of secrets or not, may be the center of large or small deals, seeking economic returns for their players.

Operations involving intangible assets, as well as the management and maintenance of patent and trademark portfolios help in decision making.

We identify intellectual property opportunities from research and development centers (R&D), licensing, tax planning of intangible operations, valuations, and identification of capital increase opportunities by companies that own intellectual property.

We work with:

  • Tax planning
    For the analysis of intangible assets and for the purpose of raising capital investment and patent sale-leaseback agreements.
  • Valuation of intangible assets and business
    Monetization opportunities in out-licensing or spin-offs.
  • Strategic Partners
    Acquisitions are important targets for the industry to create monetization opportunities.
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