Áreas de Atuação

Startups and entrepreneurs

Strategic and legal advice for digital and technological entrepreneurs in:
  • Venture Capital
    Risk mitigation through adequate intellectual protection from the initial phases of investment to selling share ownership or exiting the business.
  • Innovation
    Technology – disruptive or not – patents, software and secrets are items that require protection in new business.
  • Value in business ideas
    We seek to foster the scalability, structuring and development of innovation to its full exploitation.
  • Codes of conduct for employees
    Intellectual property ownership, improvements,, solid contractual chains, avoiding conflicts or leaks of secrets. 
  • Disruptive Models
    Identification of intellectual property protections, software, algorithms, strategic intangible values, legal-technological analysis and market mapping, licensing, due diligence reporting, tax planning for the exploration of intangible assets and for the purpose of raising capital investment, and sale-leaseback agreements for intangible assets.
  • Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Non Compete Agreements 
  • Contracts with suppliers or service providers
    License to use image, trademark, software or patent or any intangible property.
  • Data flow and processing
    Contracts and legal bases imposed by the LGPD and application of the privacy by design principle.
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