Areas of expertise


Legal advice on topics related to the internet, information technology and data protection.

The world is constantly changing. We migrate day by day to a digitized reality, where business relations are increasingly being operated on platforms.

We understand that this reality is as new as it is challenging. And nothing motivates us more than collaborating with our clients to create strategies that incorporate new business: electronic contracts, disruptive technologies, data protection, technical solutions implemented by software, apps.

The biggest of these challenges in Brazil today is the proximity of the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) – Law 13.709 / 2018.

We build a risk mitigation environment solidified through the preparation steps to LGPD adaptation, structure organization, implementation of strategies and plans, as well as governance and evaluation of the built model. And, in addition to the complete adaptation projects, we act in several stages, for national or foreign clients:

  • Website and app terms of use
  • Privacy and personal data policies
  • Diagnosis regarding the identification of data collection forms, company objectives, relevance, transparency, respect for rights, risk advice, referral of information security (IT) partners.
  • General contracts and contracts related to security and data transfer according to LGPD
  • Corporate policies, such as information security policy
  • Training for awareness and creation of new culture in the company regarding data
  • Advice for the preparation of incident response plan
  • Advice on implementing Risk Assessment regarding personal data
  • Advice for identification and training of Data Protection Officer (DPO)
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