Areas of expertise

Protecting Intangible Assets

We identify and protect our customers’ intangible assets.


We know and understand our customers’ businesses to identify which brands should be protected and in which countries, if the option is to operate outside Brazil. We carefully manage these registration requirements with the Brazilian Trademark Office (INPI), ensuring an adequate level of protection.

Our team is highly qualified to work with the Madrid Protocol, extending trademark protection to Brazilians in various countries as well as receiving designations for Brazil.

Industrial Designs
Industrial Design protects the aesthetic, ornamental and visual form of an object or pattern. We provide advise for the registration of Industrial Design at all stages, including prior searches in Brazil and abroad and its administrative process before the INPI Brazilian Patent Office..

Software are instructions in coded language that are protected by law in Brazil, deriving from copyright protection. We recommend the registration of the software with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office to certify authorship and priority. The process is highly recommended, useful and simplified.


Patents protect an invention that comes from a technical problem with a technical solution. The development of an innovative product, process, or technology deserve patent protection. In order to safeguard rights to remove or prevent third parties, to economically exploit the invention, to assign to third parties, are examples and simple advantages granted to the owner by obtaining patent privilege.

  • We recommend competent legal proceedings that may involve prior searches related to techniques, drafting, preparation, filing, monitoring and tracking of patent applications with the Brazilian patent Office(INPI).

In Brazil and abroad, we are prepared to create strategies for the protection of your patents, including via PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). 


Domain Names

We advise domain portfolio registration and management, as well as disputes, including possible action before the responsible parties, arbitration and litigation entities in Brazil and abroad.

In addition, we have mastered the SACI-Adm and WIPO’s procedures, which is used to resolve disputes between “.br” and “.com” domain name holders and third parties who challenge good faith, the legitimacy of the registration or previous trademark owners.

  • Anti-counterfeiting Measures The parallel market negatively affects business development in the country, so the fight against piracy is far from over. We manage services to combat unfair competition, brand counterfeiting, strategy development, investigations and representation before the country’s customs offices and litigation before the courts.
  • Trade Secrets
    Protecting sensitive or business information is important to safeguard the company from financial and strategic losses. We work with trade secret protection programs and proposals of customized contracts and confidentiality clauses.


  • Technology Transfer, Licensing and Franchises
    We manage negotiations, drafting and registration of all types of technology transfer agreements and contracts. From trademark licensing to patent exploration license and know-how transfer, as well as technical assistance.
  • Unfair Competition
    We know the importance of indirect or illicit competition for the development of our clients’ business. We work with repression of acts of unfair competition, out of court notifications and contentious disputes, as well as cases of parallel imports considered illegal and trade dress disputes.
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